She is a Sea Spirit that resides in the bottom of the ocean wreaking havoc on the ships above. She is known to have the strength to pull a ship down by its anchor. Thwarted by her true love on their wedding night, she still searches for him, one ship at a time.

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She is sculpted over an armature in both polymer and Cosclay. Her body and face are a blended polymer to give her a light ghostly appearance. All the encrustations and her hands are sculpted out of Cosclay, a type of polymer clay that is slightly flexible. Her fin wings are made of a nonwoven fiber and are formed and painted. She has lovely white dreadlocks adorned with shells, beads, and a blue crystal. She has glass eyes and rests in a heavy brass candlestick included with her.  Amaranth is one of a kind, made with no molds and escaped from my twisted mind. 

  • comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • measures: 14″ tall
  • medium: Cosclay
  • clothing: hand made
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