Lonely Ghost


13 inch one of a kind ghost art doll. Original and unique created completely by me. She is lonely, perhaps you can help her find a friend.

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One of a kind ghost figure created and hand made by me. The head is sculpted out of polymer clay and the hands are sculpted from polymer Cosclay. The Cosclay is polymer as well, but allows a bit of flexibility so that the little digits aren’t so fragile. The core is a wire armature that allows you to reposition the arms gently. The armature is wrapped and stuffed to bulk out the body. Some soft sculpting is done to form out the body. There are no legs, just a stuffed tube of fabric around an armature and secured onto a wood base. The wood base has felt on the bottom to protect your surfaces. The body is slightly weighted to keep the figure stable. The face and hands are highly detailed and painted with Genesis heat set paints and artists grade acrylics. She has brilliant glass eyes. Her hair is natural sheered mohair. I designed and made her original costume and aged it with a coffee and spices. She is about 13 inches tall. She is lonely and looking for a friend.