Camelia has lived many lives and has graced us with a multitude of stories where she did some of her mischiefs. She holds her poison apple ready to give the spell. In the crook of her arm hangs a basket of goodies that she has harvested from her stroll through the woods in her sister’s red shoes.

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From her waist hangs a bottle with golden threads she bartered from a wicked little man with a magic spindle. In her apron is a variety of sweets to tempt any child that may be unlucky to fall under her spell. Her long gnarly broomstick she keeps at her side and the end glows in the dark to show her the way.

Camelia’s head hands and feet are sculpted out of polymer clay. She is highly detailed with hairs in her warts and glass eyes. She is painted with both heat set paints and artist grade acrylics. Dressed in the highest witches fashion and tall witches hat, she’s a piece to leave out year-round. She is one of a kind.

  • comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • measures: approx. 19.5″ tall to the tip of the hat
  • medium: Polymer clay
  • clothing: hand made
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