I am sure Troll has a name, but cannot talk and tell us what it is. Everyone just calls him Troll. Perhaps someone can love him someday and give him a name. He guards the bridge at the crossroads between the lands of goblins and elves. Troll loves children and would never eat one. He even went to visit the babe that the Prince and princess had.

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Trolls’ head, hands. and feet are sculpted out of polymer clay over a wire armature. You can gently pose his arms and legs. He doesn’t stand on his own, but can if you have a doll stand. He usually sits on a rock or stump. He’s about 14 inches tall and is one of a kind. He is highly detailed with glass eyes and even hairs in his ears.

  • comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • measures: 14″ tall
  • medium: Polymer clay with a wire armature
  • clothing: hand made
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