Pearl Necklace


Fantasy original unpublished painting of a lovely mermaid with a pearl necklace.

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This is an original one of a kind painting of a mermaid with a pearl necklace. It is done as a painting over a acrylic pour. It gives it a neat mottled background. The colorful vegetation is poured shaded and enhanced. The lovely red-haired mermaid seems to just drift along. Her tail and fins are specially poured for effect and there are bits of micro dust added to produce some shimmer. Iridescent paint is used for her tail. This is 16″ x 20″ wrapped canvas. It is not framed. Please note: Since this is done over a poured canvas, there are ridges and valleys in the texture that do show through the top paint. Though it doesn’t matter in the vegetation, it does show through the mermaid as well. The worst is in her stomach area. Unfortunately this could not be helped, but doesn’t affect the beauty when viewed from a standard distance.