A Welcome Surprise


This is Toby with his wife Mira and their little surprise baby Jen. It is very rare for elves or goblins to birth their own child, but this surprise is all theirs. Toby is a prince with purple hair and fell in love with Mira when he caught her rescuing animals out of his hunting traps. Her red hair captured his heart and now this little babe joins their love for eternity.

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This is a set. Their heads, hands, and feet are made of polymer clay over wire, the arms and legs are gently poseable. They cannot stand on their own without a doll stand, but come with stumps to sit on and a carved wood burl that serves as a cradle. Toby stands about 15 inches tall. A one of a kind trio

  • comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • measures: 15″ tall
  • medium: Polymer clay with a wire armature
  • clothing: hand made
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