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  • Bugsy doll by Tina Parsons



    Bugsy is a writer that is totally stumped. He sits upon his stump trying to break through his writer’s block. Maybe he should write about the prince’s new baby.

  • A Welcome Surprise


    This is Toby with his wife Mira and their little surprise baby Jen. It is very rare for elves or goblins to birth their own child, but this surprise is all theirs. Toby is a prince with purple hair and fell in love with Mira when he caught her rescuing animals out of his hunting traps. Her red hair captured his heart and now this little babe joins their love for eternity.

  • Duncan doll by Tina Parsons



    Duncan is a sweet elf. He is an apprentice working different jobs to see what best suits him. He is rather fond of Fiona and her sister but has been too shy to ask either out.

  • Amaranth doll by Tina ParsonsAmaranth doll by Tina Parsons



    She is a Sea Spirit that resides in the bottom of the ocean wreaking havoc on the ships above. She is known to have the strength to pull a ship down by its anchor. Thwarted by her true love on their wedding night, she still searches for him, one ship at a time.