Krampus figure for the naughty Christmas.

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Krampus is a figure originated from the Alpines as the fantasy figure that assists Santa as coming after the naughty children with his handful of switches and putting the naughtiest children in his sack.

I use premium polymer clay and bake it according to manufacturers instructions. I have then painted it and accented the piece to create what you see.

The fur and hair are from recycled mink and mohair. I used different tones and lengths to give a natural animalistic look. It is also applied roughly to have that mangy demon look. (This is not my pretty pony). His chest, stomach, and parts of the arms are not fur covered. It makes him look more gaunt.

This is not a toy, not meant for little children to play with. This is a fragile art doll type sculpture. He comes on his painted wood base and with his switches and bag.

12 and a half inches tall